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Easy Google Ad Campaign Management

Google’s search engine is the most popular in the world. It is the first port of call for people searching for products and services. Google Ads shout your business out to the world. But managing Google Ads is time consuming and can get expensive.

Google Ads is a complex platform. You need to identify specific keywords relevant to your business and bid on them so your ads appear in matching Google search results.

It takes a complicated strategy to choose the right keywords. There are many factors involved. Quality scores, relevance, cost, possible visitor traffic and how many people click on your Google Ads. For example, you want your brand to show up in searches for the keywords “melbourne builder”. You will face a lot of competition from competitors who want to win the same search enquiry.

So it is important to target keywords that are not in such high demand but still relevant to your business. Using this approach, Easy experts maximise the return on the money you invest in your Google Ad budget.

Our Easy experts can fine tune an existing campaign or start from scratch.

Why Use Google Ads

Google Ads reach your target audience every time they search for your products or services. It is a powerful way to market your business but it is not for beginners. Allocating part of your marketing budget to Google Ads improves your leads and sales by boosting awareness and visibility of your brand.

A major benefit of Google Ads is the analytic tools. They let you measure the results of your ads. You can see the click-through rate on each ad and how many people followed the call to action. We use this data to adjust and optimise your ads for the best results.

Google Ads Generate Valuable Leads that Convert

Conversion is at the heart of everything we do. You need good content and psychological tactics to convert Google Ad clicks in to valuable leads, sales and enquiries.

The basis of psychological tactics in a blog post includes:

  • The attractiveness of the overall page design to subconsciously engage visitors.
  • A headline or introduction that ignites interest in the topic.
  • Headlines and introductions that raise pain points.
  • The body of the content addresses the pain points by promoting benefits to relieve any fears.
  • Calls to action offer visitors’ solutions. And they either react and buy or are curious and want to know more so they contact you.

It is important your ad campaigns are relevant to your business to drive traffic. Google rewards you for campaigns searchers find useful. The platform assigns a Quality Score to all keywords in your account. This partly decides how much you pay per click on ads in Google search top positions. So you need an Easy Google Ads expert to maximise the return on your investment.

PPC Specialist

Our PPC specialists work with your account manager for full insight into your business to manage your Google Ads account. Easy specialists use the following data to adjust your campaigns:

The client’s sales funnel

The lead-to-sale ratio

The visit-to-lead ratio

Profit margins for each product and service sold

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